Pico Pao

PICO PAO is a workshop with a long history of craftsmanship that began in 1979 in Lubián, a small Spanish village nestled in the mountains on the border with Portugal. In the neighboring Portuguese county of Tras os Montes (“Beyond the Mountains”) the local woodpecker was known as PICO PAO (“Stick-Beak”). The old dwelling where the workshop originated offers a view of the entire valley where the woodpecker lives and is thus named after it. Currently PICO PAO is in the process of re-founding the workshop, incorporating the younger members of the family and focusing its activity on designing and perfecting original games. The newer games, which belong to the collection Ludus Ludi, are notable for their lack of rules; they can be seen more as raw materials for experimentation and for the stimulation of abstract thought. The games enable all players to examine the language of art and to observe the ways in which chance and curiosity can lead to unexpected experiences.

The craftsmen at the old workshop feel that they have come a bit closer to the real heart of what a game is meant to be, in every sense, and that the spirit of that woodpecker from long ago lives on in their work.
They proudly make all their games in their atelier in Spain.

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