Studio Glashyttan i Åhus

Hanne Dreutler and Arthur Zirnsack start in 1977 at Åhus in Sweden with designing and making crystal-glass art.

The glass art technique “Embryo-and Grail technique” which is applied in Sweden has been discovered in 1917 by the famous glass artists Simon Gate and Edward Hald. This technique goes into a number of important but difficult phases. The hardest is encapsulating the “Embryo”, a colored element in transparent crystal. After which the sum should be heated slowly (8-15 hours) for the final form. A technique that only for the professional glass artists is to play.

Still another more complicated way is the “Embryo” technique in combination with engraving in one or more blocks. This technique is the only real top is called the “Graal” technique.

Studio Glashyttan i Åhus has with this Grail technique and its exclusive designs the status of supplier of the Swedish Royal family acquired.

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