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Blau Saks | Kahla|Jäger Creamer

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0.25 liter. KAHLA has been manufacturing the straw flower pattern or Blau Saks manually since 1844. The pattern is stamped on by hand, individual lines are painted by hand in classic cobalt blue. Colors in the photo's may be a little bit different from the actual product.

The origin of Porcelain is in China, where for about 3000 years of porcelain-like figures and the like were made. Starting from 1300 a.d. porcelain to Europe Brought merchants. The first European porselainproducts in 1710 in Meissen. In 1844 Christian Eckardt began the Kahla porcelain factory, where still the crockery Blue Saks made. They have for a time under the name Jäger produced but handling left their own logo.

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