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Goebel Shereazade & Dinarzad Mug

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The DELAMONICA at Goebel released series has a colorful art background. Delamonica is a French artist born in Lille (France) in 1950, tells us a large number of stories inspired by legends, myths, stories and sometimes Biblical themes via his huge paintings. These are a real jigsaw puzzle with intricate details, archetypes, characters and animals from various pictorial traditions.

The Viewer is enchanted by their dream-like, colourful poetry and wanders along with the artist by the meanders of faith and life’s mysteries, remembering childhood stories. We can listen with joy to the heavenly music and rhythms from the artist pictorial grilling.
Although the Delaminica paintings on display in France mainly, especially in prestigious Paris art galleries in the vicinity of the Louvre, his work is so universal, so colorful and magical, that his paintings are popular on account of connoisseurs around the world.

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