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Hummel Congratulations

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Ich Gratuliere

In 1871, the company founded by Franz f. w. Goebel Yunie & Goebel and his son William Goebel. The porcelain factory is growing fast forward to a hefty factory with in 1890 all 250 employees. In 1935 the first Hummel figures.
M.I.Hummel dies at the end of 1946 (1909-1946) but her drawings are now still model for the special children with round cheeks.
M.I.Hummelfiguren enjoy worldwide fame for their open, friendly and enchanting facial expression.
Early February 2009 it was announced that the production of the well-known M.I. Hummel figures has been resumed in the same factory in Rödental. Now under the flag of another Executive Board. The Hummel Manufaktur GMBH comes with a smaller range and stricter limitations and there will be come more collector items.

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M.I. Hummel