History of Hesemans

1537 The city walls and city wall around Breda is demolished and road is being constructed. Card gives situation by just before the demolition, 1531. At the the blue dot is the Houtmarkt. (Source Breda’s Museum) kaart_breda_1531_Hesemans
1578-?-1619 Start construction first houses behind “Moyses”, with malt-house of brewery “De bijl (the axe)”. This in the owner’s Garden “the poor Weeshuys der Kercken ende der Stadt of Breda” located on the Eindstraat with the nickname “Moyses”.
1620-1630 Count Hendrik III van Nassau late sixteenth-century city wall covers.
1643 End of the trade in firewood, peat and Hay on the quay of the “Houtmarkt”.
1644 First notification private owners of property no. 7 “Den Cleynen Moses”: Adriaen Drinkvelt (Brouwer) and no. 9: Cornelus van Erffrenten.
18th century Mention largest woman of Netherlands, 194 cm.! residing in “in the Cleynen Moses” (No. 7).
1740 The street calls ” Oude Houtmarkt”
1848-1860 In House No. 7 live 14 people. (11 from one family)
1854 More than 200 years after the end of the wood, peat and hay market, changed the original name of user Behind Moses, via Oude Vest, Oude Houtmarkt to Houtmarkt.
1870 Adrianus Biermans 1838-1925 (shopkeeper/Chair maker) takes Shop over by G.J. Biermans (Chair swivel-er/Bacon seller/Goldsmith) and achieved an annual turnover of NLG 2000.-(= € 900.-) he is the one who made a start with the children’s toys and household items. adrianusandriesbiermans
To give you an impression how Breda looks like, here a map from 1863. At the the blue dot is the Houtmarkt. (source: Breda’s Museum) kaart_breda_1863
1877 The original construction drawing property nr. 9 voorgevel_nr9_1877
1880 The original construction drawing property nr. 7 voorgevel_nr7_1880
1883 The first archive entry Bazar on no. 9
1890 The turnover rises by ƒ1000,-(= € 450.-) per year
1894 The second construction drawing for two buildings (No. 7 and no. 9). voorgevel_1894
1895 On Wednesday 13 november at 18.45 is there fire in warehouse of children’s toys and household items Biermans. The Mayor will take at this great raging fire trapped. The costs were € 15.47 fire! (The highest of that year) original Bill is CURRENT in guilders BREDA 17 november nieuwe_bredasche_courant_1895
Newspaper “NIEUWE BREDASCHE COURANT” 15 november bredasche_courant_1895
The Bill of the Firebrigate Breda this original Bill is in guilders rekening_brandweer_breda
1896 Blueprint construction drawing of the building by Adrianus Biermans to rebuild. voorgevel_1896
1897 Ad Biermans in “book for townsman and foreigner” advertentie_1897
1900-?-1943 Somewhere in these years was the back part of the property sold and converted into a coffee roaster and tea factory. (De Jong)
1925 cooperation in business by Antonius Hendrikus Biermans
1937 Things went well at the firm Biermans … Until unemployed constantly for his shop Windows. They stand in line at the Dole for the stamp control. This cost him customers and thus sales. Complaint as a result. klacht_gemeente _Breda_1937_Hesemans_Hesemans
The municipality of Breda resolve this two months later on, by the Dole to move to the Kloosterlaan. vonnis_gemeente_Breda_1937_Hesemans
1943 Baez sells property nr. 9 (later no. 7) to A.J. Hesemans (painter), this he continues the tradition originated in the “cheap Bazar”
1944 Den heer Hezemans (A.J.Hesemans) calls on a stolen bag to bring back gestolen_tas_terugbrengen_Hesemans
1943-1966 The oldest known packing paper of A.J. Hesemans pakpapier_a-j-_hesemans
1951 Ad from the “cheap Bazar” Biermans_Goedkope_Bazar_advertentie_2_mei_1951
1966 M. Hesemans continues the shop of his father.
1967 First major remodeling took care of a nieuw view of the Shop. voorgevel_1967_Houtmarkt_Hesemans
During this rebuilding is also the cast iron spiral staircase (produced in Breda) removed from the store, this from a practical point of view. Gietijzeren_wenteltrap_trap_tekening_Hesemans
The trap is “in use” during Open House 1995 weather behind in the store. Also, the Maria-Hemelvaartkerk, which faces the store is broken off. gietijzeren_draaitrap_Houtmarkt_Breda_Hesemans
Of course, there is also a reopening. Hesemans_advertentie_heropening_1967
1971 Second half property is redeemed and at to the shopping area. Property is intensively refurbished and rebuilt. teruggekocht_deel_Houtmarkt_7_Breda_Hesemans
1984 One of the last reminders (the chimney) of De Jong’s coffee roaster is removed. schoorsteen_koffiebranderij_De_Jong_Breda_gaat_neer_Hesemans
1986 First “Open House”. This is, as the following year, still “Big Show”. Years later we turn out to have put a true trend in keeping “Open House”. grote_show_Hesemans
1987 Introduction logo first version. designed by A. Hesemans logo_overzicht_Hesemans
1988 First Open House invitations (sent?). uitnodiging_open_huis_1988_Hesemans
1988-1989 Adjustment logo follows due to the large range of cars, making the logo better suits the collectors. Later followed another, via computer redrawn version. Introduction of our guestbook. Write here all our special guests, often during special occasions, their reactions. logo_overzicht_Hesemans
1990 Soon follow the trend initiated by our colleagues in keeping “Open House.
1991 First limited editions are designed and made in close consultation. canterbury_martien_hesemans
1992 Logo used by illegal “colleague”. With Open House comes out the second Bear (Maria).

This year we introduced, “Kees” that still doesn’t had the name Kees, in our store. He has here are English Pack. Years later is Johan Hesemans itself behind the sewing machine sit down and has made a new design for his outfit. The blue police bear is years later a fame in Breda.



1993 Joan Woessner from America signs in our shop and therefore makes Jamie. 50 years of family Hesemans in the shop is celebrated with the doll Sara by Ilse Wippler. joan_woessner_signing_Hesemans
1994 The visit by three u.s. bears makers resulted in three special editions. Janet Reeves with Neville, Jenny Krantz with Professor and Joyce Anne Haughey with Joker. jenny-krantz_proffesser_hesemansjoyce-ann-haughey_joker_hesemansjanet_reeves_neville_hesemans
1995 During the Steiff Club day in april gave Jan-Dirk Kohne a slide show about the life and work of Margarethe Steiff. There were Films about the production.
Feast week with several guests and limited editions on the occasion of 10 years Open House and 125 years selling toys, luxury items, household and not to mention the dolls and bears………… During this week there were also limited editions. Guests:
Susi Eimer susi_eimer_signing_Hesemans
Wiltrud Stein wiltrud_stein_signing_Hesemans
Andrea Kathrin Christenson of Käthe Kruse andrea_kathrin_christenson_signing_Hesemans
Anke Götz-Beyer anke_gotz-beyer_Hesemans
Karin Schmidt karin_schmidt_signing_Hesemans
Philip Heath philip_heath_signing_Hesemans
1996 Open Huis with two guests: Helga Weich en helga_weich_signing_Hesemans
Philip Heath philip_heath_signing_2_Hesemans
1997 bears-maker Sue Newlin signs and makes three special editions. sue_newlin_signing_Hesemans
Wiltrud Stein designs for our Open House a baby doll and coming to our Shop to sign. During this Open House is the theme “from the Arctic to the tropics”. This resulted in a particular setting of Igloo to desert. wiltrud_stein_signing_2_Hesemans
1998 Linda Mirror visit our shop and signs not only the Special Edition but also by the people they have brought with them bears. They also made one of a kind specially for this day. linda_spiegel_signing_Hesemans
Sylvia Natterer released a specially designed porcelain doll with it on the occasion of her visit to Open House sylvia_natterer_signing_Hesemans
1999 Joan Woessner came again with her husband present a typical American beer they had designed especially for us. joan_woessner_signing_2_Hesemans
Annette Himstedt and her daughter Imke visited for the second time our shop. They signed for a numerous public her extraordinary collection in porcelain and vinyl. annette_himstedt_signing_2_Hesemans
During this year’s Open House presented the Dutch artist Rian van der Have her especially for Open House-made porcelain baby doll. rian_van_der_have_signing_Hesemans
In this double special millennium year, we celebrated our 130 anniversary of the shop and 15 years Open House along with three female artists. Two Dutch; Joke Grobben and joke_grobben_signing_Hesemans
2000 Didy Jacobsen didy_jacobsen_signing_Hesemans
and one German Bettine Klemm. One of a kind with dolls of Bettine made of paper. We also have an overview “Open House” to see all the highlights of recent years. bettine_klemm_signing_Hesemans
2001 The firm Hesemans goes digital and start this site on 2 april. Open House in August with a particular theme that èxtra was fun for Inhabitants and people who find a nice city Breda. “Come in our House in a homely atmosphere” brought recognizable facades and buildings. Rolanda Heimer was our special guest and released a Special Edition with it. rolanda_portret_HesemansSite_2001
2002 A metamorphosis in our store by the placement of new showcases to the whole left side of our store. This makes not only the dolls and bears in the back of the shop more, but there is also room for a nice addition to our collective assortment for at the store. A.o. Royal Tichelaar Makkum, Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, Åhus, J.G. Durand, Salviati and the famous Hummel figurines by Goebel. nieuw_interieur_Hesemans
The 17-the annual “Open House” in August “a colorful happen” a stylish presentation by various people as “fancy” was. This time it was our presentation in another jacket become trapped and watched the people their eyes out and not only to their “own” brand. This because all brands “by each other”, but on color. The week ended with a signing by the German Hildegard Günzel. they released a number of special porcelain dolls which are covered with wax. hildegard_gunzel_signing_Hesemans
In October is a by “Hakimi Tours” organized 4-day bus trip to the factory of Käthe Kruse with museum and the toy museum in Nuremberg has been a great success. With a busy schedule and the establishment, “the birth” of the Käthe Kruse Doll, was this visit for the (close family) travellers a reminder to remember. All in all, a busy year. …
2003 The shop “Hesemans” was founded in 1870 and is owned by the family since 1943 Hesemans. This is now so 60 years ago, a Jubilee year! In this spacial year Johan Hesemans continues the shop of his father. 2003 will be a particularly “active” year. This year has started with two presentations of the collection. The first presentation was the entire collection of Philip Heath 2003 and one week later the entire new Steiff collection’s. A lot of people were here on hatched and marvelled about the special models.Meanwhile, there are also four special editions announced. Two bears: a Steiff Teddy bear from Herman and event Haley-Haley bear. Two dolls: Käthe Kruse has teamed up with us a pop Tamara created and the Fourth Edition is a porcelain, Merle, Doll by Wiltrud Stein.Mrs Christenson of Käthe Kruse was our special guest in May and released a Special Edition with it. Andrea_Christenson_signeren_gastenboek_Hesemans
The “Open House” 2003 ‘s theme was “behind the scenes”. We took the collector behind the scenes and looked over the shoulder of the artists and the producer. Explanation, photos, semi-finished products and computer presentations gave the collector insight into the process from idea to end creation of their beloved collectibles. The week ended by Wiltrud Stein. She has Merle presented on 6 september. She enjoyed visible to create dolls in her jubilee year, 20 years, many of her dolls to see again. Of course, there was also the possibility of signing.
On our site we get lots of great comments and compliments. www.hesemans.nl gets its 100,000th visitor in september! A number of visitors of over 7000 people, from all over the world, in the month is no exception. The visitors monthly average is still growing.
In the fall, we have a special day organized for the M. I. Hummel lovers. Visitors could see in november how a figure is made and painted. Also they could let a figure painting with their own text or image;-). Of course there were a lot of questions and while enjoying a snack and drink the master painter of Goebel took the time to answer. hummel_nieuws_Hesemans
2004 Since February we are Steiff’s “Best of Europe” and may us because of our vast assortment and service KEY Account call. We had two shows In March and April, Philip Heath and Steiff, with the new collection 2004. There are several special editions released in 2004. Hesemans event 2004 by Steiff, Meindert by Käthe Kruse, and Hirsch Helga Blumen sandra van Helga Weich.
Sissel Bjþrstad Skille greeted with much cordiality In June the doll lovers. For her himself went there a world open. Not only the enthusiastic people but also the diversity of our dolls collection surprised her, something she had never seen. Quote: “I’m impressed by the high standard of your shop, and your nice way with the customers. sissel_bjorstad_skille
In september brought Andrea Christenson and Didi Jacobsen a visit to our shop for a signing-day. Both ensured that once again many doll enthusiasts to Breda. Theme of our “Open House” was “Royal Breda” andrea_kathrin_christenson_signing_2004_Hesemansdidy_jacobsen_signing_2004_Hesemans
At the end of september there will be a bus full of lovers with Hesemans Tours to Germany traveled. In four days, several places, museums and factories visited. Manufacture at Schildkröt artist dolls with the classic, modern and plush-animals and in Goebel Hummel factory with its well-known figures were well worth the visit. The photo gallery can be seen at Hesemans Tours. We would like to thank all our travel companions for socializing during the journey and the comments afterwards! Maria and Johan
2005 135 anniversary of the shop and 20 years Open House …. Party at Hesemans Agenda: * 17-19 March 2005: Steiff 3-day * 11 June 2005: Signing by Rian van der Have and Ellen Born * 18 June 2005: HummelClubdag 13.00-17.00 * 5 to 10 september 2005: “Open House” with the theme “We hang the flag!” Highlighted by 2 unique meeting days with 6 famous women artists on 9 & 10 september 2005 … Helga Weich, Heidi Plusczok, Elisabeth Lindner, Sybille Sauer, Finhold Gallery, t. Mischner-Hermann * 5 november 2005: Hummel Painter demonstration rian_van_der_have-kodde_2005_Hesemansellen_born_beren_2005_Hesemansartiesten_en_hesemans_team_2005
2006 Again an internal extension. A new display shop wall makes the dolls but especially the bears have gotten a better place. Special editions and many customers Later this year. Open House theme was: “it’s summer again!”: Aganda 2006: Mevr. Marion Hohmann of Käthe Kruse is present on 7 and 8 september.Mrs. Katrin Müller and Mrs. Christine Bevern are present on 8 and 9 september. marion_hohmann_Hesemansbevern_beren_2006_Hesemans
In september we took Hesemans Tours to Hermann Teddy and the Zwergnase dolls and toys factory, various museums and the town of Bamberg in Germany. A last minute visit to Katrin Müller is an addition to what we already had in the busy program.
Mrs. Hannelore Biemann and her daughter Sabine Viebranz of Schildkröt are present on 20 and 21 October. Schildpad_biemann_hannelore_Hesemans
On the occasion of this particular visit is Erika-Maria released. A special collaboration between Schildkröt and Hesemans. This because Maria Hesemans itself the Cardigans felted. The Schildkröt club will be introduced by the Director of Schildkröt in Netherlands, Mevr. Biemann on 20 and 21 October at Hesemans in Breda. After years of sales point to have been Schildkröt dolls has Mevr. Biemann asked us “Partner Geschäft” (Star-Dealer). Hesemans in Breda is the only one in Netherlands. prutser_sabine_Hesemans
2007 After 20 years of Annette Himstedt dolls point of sale have been Annette asked us official Dealer. It has reduced to 36 the number of dealers worldwide and also chosen us. May 16 was for Maria Hesemans, but also a special day for all of us. That day she received the art Prize for her-made doll. With knowledge of and delve into the dolls and dolls art for more than 40 years they know what proportions and a look a beautiful doll should have. However, to create something completely different! Two years ago, Maria started making felted items. Soon she switched on designing and making felted dolls. With a new technique and never used in doll making she created different works of art. These were so special and innovative found that in may in Germany all three her dolls were nominated. Later this month, one of these dolls in her category chosen to prize winner of the Max-Oscar-Arnold Art award 2007. The jury consisted of people from the art world and the submission and dolls came to pass anonymous. A second nominated pop was purchased by the town of Neustadt later that week to complement the art collection of the “Museum der Deutschen Spielzeugindustrie in Neustadt near Coburg” during “Open House” (theme was “grandmother’s time) we have Andrea Christenson on visit had for a signing. Sjoerd is in a limited edition of 20 pieces. Also, this is a Special Edition because again, parts of the clothing felted by Maria Hesemans. In september, we had one day’s travel with a slotted Hesemans Tours to the Annette Himstedt factory. Annette Himstedt put for the first time its doors open and people can get an impression of the production process.
2008 In the spring of 2008, we had a Steiff Event again. Hannelore Biemann of Schildkröt gave in 2006 that she gladly would return back to our shop. In June it was so far. For this occasion we have together released a Special Edition with Schildkrögt: Christel-Maria this time it’s bag by Maria Hesemans felted.Shortly after in June we had again a Hummel Clubday of Goebel. A few days before we had been told that with the production of the well-known M.I. Hummel Goebel figurines at the end of the year almost certainly is going to stop. It will therefore probably the last clubday are. The production goes for the time being until end of the year. The other series such as vases, tea pots and other decorative objects are they just make the next few years. (the Hummel production is resumed in early 2009)In september, during our “Open House” (theme was “Grandpa in the doll world of now”) the next guests visited with us: Sybille Sauer, Rose marie Anna Müller, Jack and Marion Finhold schildpad_christel-maria_hesemans
n september 30, we got the message that Annette Himstedt her doors of her Studio is closing. The new “Summer 2008” collection will so unfortunately be the last! We look back on a long and nice cooperation with Annette and employees. After over 22 years is not changed.
In november we had the pleasure Hildegard Günzel in our shop to have with her special dolls. They also brought some special dolls. Despite the bad weather, she drew a lot of interest!
2009 The year has started well. The manufacture of the Hummel figurines is resumed in February. To the great pleasure of the Hummel lovers. During the extremely busy first months knew many people to find our shop again. Also the Steiff event is crowded. The people were excited and we decided to hold another event in the autumn. In april, we had a one day travel with Hesemans Tours to the Hildegard Günzel atelier and museum. We have take a look at the place where special dolls, and their ultimate face. This porcelain dolls with a layer of wax about it are true to life. They are just kids in was like in Madame Tussauds. Realistic real! Also the new series in Resin is magnificent. Hildegard Günzel is an artist who is at home in many markets as she also bears. Just like the dolls include this regularly in the prices! Many thanks Hildegard Günzel for its welcome and the well-being of this day. They played well for our large group. For her it was new. Never has there been so recommended n large group at her. With the deployment of extra tables and chairs it all came good.
In September 2009 “Open House” (theme was “Summer bright”) during this weeks were the dolls and bears in the theme “summer bright” between the many flowers and plants. Guests: Christine Bevern, Debra Nagel, Tatyana Brugmans-Deniskina late september is approaching fast. A 4-day bus tour with Hesemans Tours. This time to Käthe Kruse with the museum and the wooden toy factory Nic/Bodo Hennig and Walter. October is the announced Steiff 3-day with the Clubday’s turn. The day after is Hesemans welcome at the Steiff factory in Germany on the Steiff Academy. We had an internal course. The quality and safety are central to Steiff.
2010 Again a Jubilee year, 140 years existence of the shop and 25 years “Open House” with … A successful and busy program with many nice comments from visitors to our shop.Different editions we have released. with 140 years we placed our “Kees” in the sunlight. The friendly Kees greeted visitors for years by Breda and our shop. This year he got a new suit and a small “little brother” of which 50 are made of. With all these little ones and with the designer of Hermann Teddy that sign came, of course, we have this opportunity for fun moments.This year we have released two other special editions. By Käthe Kruse we have a dark baby released, Maria and Hanne Bärble-we have released of Schildkröt. For inspiration for the clothing of both dolls have we to clothing from around 1870-1930. Despite that the Schildkröt Director now has done a step back she introduced itself for the dolls to greet fans with us. Of course we still had more on the extended programme. Also there we could greed many people those period. Thanks for coming and many congratulations for our anniversary!

There is also written about us in a glossy magazine. There they were excited about us! And in the city paper our Kees Central!

2011 This year we wanted to actually recover from the festivities of last year. That didn’t work! The busy programme, including: the presentation of the new collection of Steiff. Shortly after we had a workshop Rosina Wachtmeister cats painting.The Käthe Kruse, 100 year anniversary, Clubday is crowded. With a presentation about the life of Käthe and a movie it was a successful day.Could the M.I. Hummel lovers In May with the new collection. The autumn we had again a Steiff event. Now with the fall collection. The same day started the attic sale with dolls from the fifties. A Workshop the week Matryoshka painting. Thant day people could ask questions about Russian art during the Russian day. The highlight of all Open House-day was the world premiere of the Kiez-children. This BJD-Dolls are at Sonja Hartmann. This type of doll is extremely popular in Korea and Japan. Now for the first time a European face. This premiere attracted people from Germany, Belgium and England. Then it was still time for three workshops; Needle felt, wet felt and Rosina Wachtmeister cats painting.
2012 Different “Open House” days with the following guests: Marion Hohmann of Käthe Kruse, Tatyana brugmans-Deniskina, Hannelore Biemann with a Special Edition: Hans-MaxIn spring and autumn we’ve been a few times on the radio. Some excerpts are here to listen to.

The TV team of RTV N-H (North Holland) came along in the autumn with us for an interview. They make a documentary about Käthe Kruse and closing the largest Käthe Kruse museum of the world-in Den Helder.

2013 This year there have been many changes. The front of the shop has been renewed. And there is internal pressure to the new website. We had hope for the end of the year to go online but given the great diversity of our range and runs in a standard Web environment that we don’t fit it matter.In March is a TV crew filming of RTL-4 come to us. John Williams took over the interview.

And we started our Facebook Hesemans site.

Voorgevel tekening metselwerk
Despite the Busey work, we didn’t sit still. We did it again to make a Special Edition and the artist to sign in our shop Sielinde Frieske. Further several crowded workshops and theme days. schildpad_linde_hesemans
2014 Many people knew to find our store during our full program of activities:Events: spring Steiff, Hermann Teddy, Käthe Kruse, Russian day, Bevern bears, Steiff fall and the attic sale. But also various workshops such as Matryoshka painting and make under the guidance of the artist Gaby Schlotz Bears.In the beginning then this year we tried to bring a new site online. This is unfortunately did not succeed. Our cause is apparently so rich and different from other shops that the site builder it not for each other got a functioning site. This site is temporarily gone online with 2700 articles not few but at the same time a tip of the large collection that we have in stock in our shop in Breda.
2015 In our 145 year anniversary year we bring something special out of course during the festivities. But until then we launch the all-again built site. This time by a company that got it for each other to process so much information in so many different articles and a good working site in more languages! The new website is become active! At the request of many people now with a webshop. The start with more than 3200 articles. Now everything is working properly, we’re going to fill the shop further. Of course not with all items. A few handles from our extensive range will be on display. You are welcome to the complete collection in the store at the Houtmarkt in Breda.  Site_2015
 In March, a newspaper article written in BN-DeStem by Rosé Lokhoff where A.J. Hesemans was mentioned  “Mister Pipe”  Manneke_pijp_van_Hesemans