Biography and History

A lot of the artists have put biographies on out site and the factories have put history accounts on the site. The texts have been written by Hsmns and cannot be used for any purposes. If you did want to use the information, ask us about the possibilities.

Alphonse Mucha
Annette Himstedt
Christine Bevern
Biography and history Alphonse Mucha Biography and history Annette HimstedtBiography and history Christine Bevern






Debra Nagel
Elisabeth Lindner
Ellen Born
Biography and history Debra NagelBiography and history Elisabeth LindnerBiography and history Ellen Born






Eva Danker
Finhold Gallery
Fritz Canzler
Biography and history Eva DankerBiography and history FinholdBiography and history Fritz Canzler






Gaby Schlotz
Gustav Klimt
Heidi Plusczok
Biography and history Gaby SchlotzBiography and history Gustav KlimtBiography and history Heidi Plusczok







Helga Weich
Hermann Teddy
Biography and history Helga Weich
Biography and history Hermann TeddyBiography and history hesemans






Ilse Wippler
Käthe Kruse
Biografie en Geschiedenis Ilse WipplerBiography and history KaplaBiography and history Käthe Kruse






Katrin Müller
M.I. Hummel
Maria Hesemans
Biography and history Katrin MüllerBiography and history M.I. HummelBiography and history Maria Hesemans






Michael Parkes
Biography and history Michael ParkesBiography and history MonchhichiBiography and history Geschiedenis NADAL






Natalja Lebsak
Nicole Marschollek

Biography and history Natalja LebsakBiography and history NicBiography and history Nicole Maschollek






Rian van der Have-Kodde
Rosemarie Anna Müller
Rosina Wachtmeister
Biography and history Rian van der Have-KoddeBiography and history Rosemarie Anna MüllerBiography and history Rosina Wachtmeister






Sonja Hartmann
Biography and history SchildpadBiography and history Sonja HartmannBiography and history Geschiedenis Steiff






Sybille Sauer
Sylvia Natterer
Wiltrud Stein
Biography and history Sybille SauerBiography and history Sylvia NattererBiography and history Wiltrud Stein







Biography and history Zwergnase