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Hesemans_140_jaar140 years Hesemans

BREDA -Toy store on the Houtmarkt No. 7 in Breda is celebrating its 140th anniversary . This calls for something special, they are presenting a small Edition of bear Kees, the well-known bear who watches from the front door, in a limited edition.

The store has a rich history. In 1870 A. Biermans started a children’s toys and household items Bazaar. After three generations, the shop was taken over by A.J. Hesemans in 1943. Meanwhile the third generation, in the person of Johan Hesemans, has taken over ownership of the shop.

“We sell classic toys, made of modern materials and made using contemporary techniques” says Johan. “ Most toys are suitable for children to play with and to use as decoration. Safety is very important to us, so our products comply with strict quality standards.”

Hesemans sells dolls of the brands Käthe Kruse and Schildkröt, Hermann Teddy, bears from Steiff and a lot of other things. But also miniature cars, puzzles, Tin soldiers, vases and Russian art can be bought there. Hesemans is regularly visited by artists, who often present limited edition toys and also do Signings. Johan: “we help create these designs, the limited editions, and thus they are exclusive to our store.” The next session is on Saturday the 29th of may from eleven to four o’clock, here the artist T. Mischner-Hermann Kees will present the small Edition of bear Kees. There will then also be a signing for bear Kees and other Hermann teddy bears. More information about this can be found on the website or call: 521 23 10, or just pop down to the store.

By Aukje Schoonus

City Paper “Stadsblad” wednesday 26th of May 2010