Opening times

Opening times (local time):

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Monday 10-14; shopping by appointment
Tuesday 12-17; open
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10-17; open
Friday 10-17; open
Saturday 10-17; open
Sunday Closed **
**only the Sunday before December 5th

and the Sunday before Christmas

we are open from 12.00-17.00

Special Opening times:

Ascension DayClosed


New years day Closed
Carnaval Monday Closed
Carnaval Tuesday Closed
Easter 1st and 2nd Closed
Kingsday 27 April Closed (when not on Sunday than on 26th)
White Sunday 1st and 2th Closed
Christmas Eve till 16.00 (when not on Sunday, Monday)
Christmas 1st and 2th Closed
31 December tot 16.00 uur (when not on Sunday, Monday)
special days: