About Hesemans

Hesemans is an entirely unique shop. The shop, which has existed since 1870, has a rich history. However, the current owner who is from this generation operates under modern business terms. What they don’t conform too is the current trends: Low quality and thus a quick expiration of the product. Therefore they do not deal with the discard culture that is increasingly winning. Fortunately, there is still a group of people who go for quality products and realize that many purchases of poor quality produce end up more expensive than one of good and beautiful quality. Because of this you also enjoy the product more. We look therefore at sustainability. Many of our products are produced in a sustainable manner and because they last longer than the average product they are less harmful to the environment. This doesn’t always cost a lot, we already have a nice gift for a couple of euro’s and we have a large variety of item; much of which you won’t even find on our website. Some articles can be ordered in; so just call, E-mail or come down to the shop and we’ll answer your questions. Our item range is for young and old. The main articles in our range are: toys, gifts and luxury goods, mostly from well known brands. We have a wide variety of dolls, bears, miniature cars, Russian art, figurines, sculptures, interior decoration, and a lot of items for a collector. We have in the range of cooking and dining for example pans and cutlery. Curious? Check out our site look around or come and see us in Breda. If you cannot choose we have our gift card ready for you!