Hesemans Tours Review Käthe Kruse and NIC


Travel report bus trip “Hesemans Tours”


Trip to Donauwörth/Laupheim, with the firm Hesemans from Breda.

The trip began Sunday morning september 27 at 8: 00 pm. When was the first pickup place Breda railway station for our trip to Germany. Then we drove to the second stepped pickup place, Eindhoven and some ladies in there. In the end it were 27 ladies and two gentlemen, namely the driver and Johan Hesemans, who along with his mother accompanied the travel. A bit strange begins a trip like this always, but over time the tongues have come loose, and then it shows you all have the same interest. We all had interest in the dolls of Käthe Kruse, because that was the trip to. The factory, the museum and the next day was planning to a toy factory, the firm NIC, where very beautiful and durable wooden toys was produced. After an afternoon at leisure in the lovely town of Ulm.

Before that was we had a decent journey ahead, the vote was there from the start. Until to 14.10 hours all of a sudden a very weird sound under the bus came from, someone thought the coffee maker was launched, but no, a flat tire, turned out to be the cause. At the height of Fornheim, near Mainz, we had to first behind the guardrail. When it became apparent that more was going on, is the very expert driver, drove to the nearest parking very slowly in front of a motor home garage in Biebelnheim. There we waited until everything was safe again and we were back on the road. Meanwhile had very friendly people helped us to a pizza – pickup address. Missed the dinner, but pizza-picnic in the bus, and at 21.00 after signal safe, direction hotel in Fremdingen.

The next morning after breakfast, direction Käthe Kruse. Here received by Mrs Hohmann. After the group photo you could Feast your eyes in the factory. Of the sewing workshop for both dolls – the patterns here are designed as children’s clothing and cut and sewn in Latvia. The materials come from Austria, Spain and Germany. We have see, filled with reindeer hair, dolls and doll with a body of foam, which is movable. The difference between the two types is clearly seen on the hands, the fingers filled with reindeer hair Doll has much slimmer than the pop of foam. We have also looked at the doll hospital, doll, all those pathetic toegetakelde about 3000 sick dolls are helped each year. Further we saw the dress up, the painter to work with department heads, the Department where the wigs were sewn and repaired and we got to see some special dolls, yet most individual items. After lunch to the Käthe Kruse museum, also here we got a tour. What struck me there were six life-size dolls. They were commissioned by the natural history Museum in Amsterdam for the Dutch Pavilion at Käthe Kruse made, at the world fair in New York. Also the little doll’s dolls were nice. Then back to the hotel, where our after dinner still a cosy evening demonstration waited by the firm Käthe Kruse.

The Tuesday was to visit the factory of the company NIC, a family-owned business, that very beautiful wooden children’s toys. From cars to doll houses. They look for very on the fact if they are environmentally conscious, both for their staff as with their machines, even in the warehouse they had taken into account. We saw and heard sawing-grinding and punching machines, all computer controlled, then it went to the Department where the toy was put together by hand. The racks with stock, beading, wheels and other objects were not to count, but very nice to see. After this tour awaited us a delicious lunch offered by the firm NIC. Finally, of course, we came off at the store and after some searching found something everyone has. in the afternoon there was opportunity to look around in the town of Ulm, the a went looking for knit shops the other to the coffee on a terrace along the Danube. Some swooped in to visit the beautiful church. After dinner, it was unfortunately once again time to suitcases. Wednesday early on to accept the journey home. There awaited us at ‘t get off a flower of the bus enterprise, as compensation for the 7 hour delay on the first day. We can be again. Enjoy the pleasant travel! For more pictures from this trip you can visit the website of the firm Hesemans in Breda. www.hesemans.nl

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